Biogeographische Modellierung

Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking

Summer School in Bayreuth

An Introduction to Bayesian Modeling for Ecologists (------)

SS 2012
17.09.2012-21.09.2012 (mehrtägig)

Björn Reineking, Florian Hartig, Jörn Pagel, Joseph Chipperfield


Statistical modeling with Bayesian methods has become increasingly popular in ecology, but the
techniques required for doing so are not part of the standard curriculum in most Universities. Our
aim for this course is to give a simple and practical introduction to Bayesian modeling for
students, graduate students, and early-stage researchers in ecology.



Björn Reineking, University of Bayreuth

Florian Hartig, UFZ Leipzig

Jörn Pagel, University of Potsdam

Joseph Chipperfield, University of Trier

Global Change Ecology (M.Sc)



Content of the course will include:

• Introduction to Bayesian statistics (Priors, Likelihoods)

• Introduction to sampling methods (e.g. Markov Chain Monte Carlo)

• Introduction to hierarchical Bayesian models

• Introduction to the Bugs software for Bayesian Models


The course will consist, each day, of lectures in the morning, practical exercises in the afternoon,
and a talk on advanced topics in Bayesian statistics in the late afternoon. Course language will be
English. ECTS credits can be awarded if necessary from the University of Bayreuth. Knowledge
of R, or at least good competency in another programming language, will be advantageous to
profit from the exercises. An optional refreshing R tutorial will be offered at the beginning of the


Venue and course fees

The course will take place at the University of Bayreuth. There is no course fee; however,
accommodation and food must be paid by the course participants. We have reserved a very basic
and very reasonably priced option from 16th -22nd of September in an old farmhouse close to the
University. The price is approximately 12 Euro per day in 4-bed rooms, no meals included. If you
would like to book accommodation there, please indicate so in your application. Of course, you
may also organize your own accommodation in a hotel


How to apply

To apply for the course, please send an email with your contact details, a brief summary of your
research interests and motivation for attending this course (max 150 words) , and an indication of
your experience with R by July 30th to After this date, we will
make the initial selection and subsequent applications will be admitted onto the course on a firstcome
first-served basis until all places are filled

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