Biogeographische Modellierung

Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking

/Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

O: Overview

NummerTitelCredit PointsSemesterKurs Nr.
OGlobal Change Ecology Overview5 
 Global Change Ecology (Oa)1174001
 Progress in Global Change Research (Ob)1174002
 Jour fixe (Oc)1174003
 Excursion (Od)1274004
 Jour Fixe (Oc)1274005
 Get together of the Elite Network of Bavaria74000
-O Overview- -A Environmental Change- -B Ecological Change- -C Societal Change- -M Methods- -F Free Choice- -I Internships- -S International Science Schools- -T Master Thesis- -etc. Additional Events (conferences, excursions)-

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