Biogeographical Modelling

Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking

Climate change impacts on forest dynamics in New Zealand and European temperate forests – a comparative modelling approach


From 09/2010 to 06/2012

Staff: Björn Reineking, Klara Dolos

Understanding climate change impacts on dynamics of multi-species forests is essential for the development of effective adaptation strategies. Because of the longevity of forest ecosystems, simulation models provide a particularly suitable research method. In this context, this project has two broad aims:i) a model-based analysis of the impacts of climate change on the long-term dynamics in two forest ecosystems: Picea-Fagus (G) forests and Nothofagus (NZ) forests, ii) a comparison of different model approaches (e.g. field of neighbourhood models, gap models) to identify an appropriate modelling framework for climate change impact studies in mixed forest ecosystems.

We will carry out simulation studies with forest growth simulation models that, while well-established in the literature, have been little applied in New Zeland’s forests. Such models have been developed to study the long-term spatial and temporal dynamics of uneven-aged species-rich forest stands such as are typical of Nothofagus forest in NZ and Picea-Fagus forest in Europe.

Cooperation: Dr. Jürgen Groeneveld , Dr. George Perry

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