Biogeographical Modelling

Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking

Seminar: Bayesian Methods for Ecology (------)

WS 2010/2011

Björn Reineking, Klara Dolos, Mirjana Bevanda

Topics analysing...
- averages
- frequencies
- regression
- correlation
- anova
- population models
using... WinBugs and/or OpenBugs with R.
Every participant should prepare and present one chapter/topic like in a seminar. The others will have to read the chapter to be able to discuss.

29.10.10 Bt
09.11.10 Fs
23.11.10 Bt
07.12.10 Fs canceled
21.12.10 Bt canceled
11.01.11 Fs
25.01.11 Bt
08.02.11 Fs

There are some supporting documents for this teaching course...


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