Biogeographical Modelling

Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking

Schröder, B; Reuter, H; Reineking, B: Multiple Scales in Ecology, Theorie in der Ökologie, Peter Lang, Frankfurt/Main, 13 (2007)
The scale dependence of ecological processes and patterns, as well as their analysis is a long-standing theme in ecology. The problem of scaling has three components: (i) direct measurements are commonly limited to small scales in time and space, (ii) the most pressing problems have to be addressed at comparatively large scales, but (iii) direct upscaling fails when local processes differ from those relevant at larger scales. The contributions collected in this volume evolved from the workshop 'Multiple Scales in Ecology', held in March 2005 at Seddiner See near Potsdam in Germany. The book is organized along four major themes: scale-dependent pattern formation, scale identification, multiscale analysis, and scaling in applications.

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